Maple Carrots

Scrub and slice two large bunches of carrots.

Add to a pot with a stick of butter and a cup of maple syrup.

Simmer on medium around 30-45 minutes, uncovered and stirring occasionally, until carrots are soft and syrup has thickened to a glaze.

This can bubble away on the back burner without much attention aside from stirring every five minutes or so until the very end, when the glaze starts to get thick, at which point you need to stir a bit more often and ensure it comes off the heat before it burns or seizes up.

If the glaze is thickening quickly and it seems like the carrots will not be fully cooked in time, you can cover the pot for ten minutes to help them soften faster without reducing the syrup further.

If you can find carrots in multiple colors, that makes a nice touch.

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