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Vegetable Pot Pie

Prepare a filling by cooking a variety of vegetables; in one recent batch, I included: In a large pot, melt half a stick of butter and add the vegetables incrementally and cooking until things are mostly cooked, but turn the heat off before they’re fully cooked so that they can finish in the oven. Delicate

Easy Baked Pasta

A simple choice for times when you want something more than just pasta, but don’t have the time to make a lasagna. Turn the oven to 375°. Select a two- or three-quart casserole dish (such as a 9x12x2″ glass baker). Combine the pasta and tomato sauce and stir together. Layer half of the pasta into


Like all of the “ethnic” foods I cook, this dish doesn’t make any claims to being particularly “authentic,” but it is tasty and filling. Once you learn the technique, you can ring changes on it with different fillings and varieties of sauces. See also the recipe for Enchilasagna, which uses the same kinds of ingredients but

Modernist Mac & Cheese

While I personally prefer a Cheddar Pasta with loads of vegetables cooked into the sauce, my son likes his mac & cheese closer to the modern American style. To make this style of sauce, you need one unusual ingredient, sodium citrate, a type of salt which acts as an emulsifier. It’s available at Amazon, with $10 getting

Grilled or Roasted Tofu

On its own, tofu is fairly bland,  but that just means you need to drench it in a tasty sauce before you grill it. Select a extra-firm or firm tofu, as soft or silken tofu will fall apart during cooking. Cut it into flat pieces about 1/2″ thick — for a commonly-sold 14-16 oz block

Alfredo Sauce

Alfredo is about as simple (and rich) as a cream sauce can get. It takes less than ten minutes from start to end. The original recipe for Alfredo sauce called for butter, Parmesan cheese, and some of the starchy water that was used to cook the pasta, but nowadays nearly everyone uses cream instead. You

Brown Gravy

How to make a proper brown gravy — it’s just like making a Béchamel cream sauce, except that instead of melted butter, you start with the fat and drippings collected in the pan after roasting meat: Roast meat in a roasting pan, then remove from oven, let it rest for a bit, and remove it from

Roast Turkey

For Thanksgiving this year, Piglet roasted two small turkeys instead of one, and was pleased with both the flavor and the shorter cooking time. Here’s her technique: The day before cooking, “dry brine” the turkey by rubbing it with half a cup of coarse salt and a mix of dried herbs and spices. Air-dry in

Quiche Formula

You can make a quiche out of almost anything! Mix and match your cheese and vegetable choices to taste, and then follow this simple formula. Based on the Moosewood quiche formula, by Mollie Katzen. A basic piecrust. Around 1 lb. shredded or crumbled cheese: cheddar, goat, swiss, or whatever you like. Around 1-2 cups cooked

Stewed Black Beans

Recipe Yellow or red onion, one medium or large Finely chop the onion, or use a food processor to chop it to small even pieces. A medium saucepot and a big spoon Olive oil Put the saucepot on high heat. Pour in olive oil to lightly coat the bottom of the pan. After the pot