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Grilled Cheese

Step by step: heat pan, then turn it down to low-med. put butter in pan. add sandwich, rub it around in the melty butter. cover. wait 1 minute. check inside for melt, bottom for color. 30 more seconds if needed. remove sandwich, add butter, flip sandwich back into pan, rub around in melty butter. cover.

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Set a griddle or frying pan over a medium flame to pre-heat. Build a sandwich with two pieces of bread and a healthy layer of cheese. Cheddar is the classic choice, but nearly any soft or medium-firm meltable cheese is a good candidate, including American, Swiss, goat cheese, butterkäse and more. Mixing and matching cheeses is tasty

French Bread Pizza

While far from the traditional style, these are a quick and popular dish. Recipe Basic tomato sauce, or any variation, one batch I prefer a thick sauce for this, with more vegetables than usual, and perhaps cut into pieces or strips that are larger than normal. You’re likely to have some sauce left over, or