Plain white rice.


A good medium-sized pot with a tight-fitting lid
Rice, one cup, or more
Water, two cups, or twice the amount of rice
Put the rice and water into the pot.
Measure the rice first, so it doesn’t stick to your wet measuring cup.
Put the cover on the pot and put it on high heat.
If your stovetop is hot, it’ll only take a few minutes to reach boiling, so don’t leave it unattended or it’ll boil over.
When the water reaches a boil and steam rises from under the pot lid, turn the heat all the way down to low.
The heat needs to be just hot enough to keep the water at the edge of simmering. If you don’t see any steam, it may be down too low, but you definitely don’t want to see gouts of steam and the water boiling over.
Leave on low heat for half an hour.
You can check it once or twice to make sure it’s steaming, give it a quick stir, and taste a few grains, but each time you take the lid off you loose a lot of steam, so make sure you don’t do this often — and best to not do it at all.
Turn off heat, but leave lid on to allow rice to continue steaming until served.
Transfer to a serving dish and fluff with a fork.

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