Fresh Tomato Sauce


Red onion, one large or two small
Bell peppers, two or three
Finely chop the onion and peppers, or Cuisinart them to small even pieces.
Plum tomatoes, around a dozen or more
Finely chop the tomatoes, or Cuisinart them to small even pieces.
Place tomatoes in a bowl. Add some salt and stir. Set aside for later
The salt should help draw out some excess water from the tomatoes, which you can pour off later.
A large saucepot and a big spoon
Olive oil
Put the saucepot on high heat. Pour in olive oil to lightly coat the bottom of the pan.
Put a couple of pieces of onion in the pot and wait for them to start sizzling to indicate that the pot is sufficiently heated.
Add the onion and the peppers. Cook for a several minutes, until soft and tasty, stirring every minute or two.
Seasonings: salt, black pepper, basil, balsamic vinegar
Add seasonings. Cook for a minute or two, stirring often.
Pour off any extra water that’s gathered in the tomato bowl, being careful not to dump the tomatoes down the drain. Add the tomatoes to the pot.
Simmer on medium/high, stirring occasionally, for a few minutes for a “fresh” tasting sauce, or for half hour or longer for a more “rich” tasting sauce.


Variation: Basic tomato sauce
Variation: Add with the seasonings:
Garlic, from half to a complete head,
peeled and minced
Variation: Add with the seasonings, instead of dried basil:
Basil leaves, fresh, one bunch,
pulled off the stems, rinsed, and cut into thin strips

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