Category: Vegetables

Maple Carrots

Scrub and slice two large bunches of carrots. Add to a pot with a stick of butter and a cup of maple syrup. Simmer on medium around 30-45 minutes, uncovered and stirring occasionally, until carrots are soft and syrup has thickened to a glaze. This can bubble away on the back burner without much attention

Quiche Formula

You can make a quiche out of almost anything! Mix and match your cheese and vegetable choices to taste, and then follow this simple formula. Based on the Moosewood quiche formula, by Mollie Katzen. A basic piecrust. Around 1 lb. shredded or crumbled cheese: cheddar, goat, swiss, or whatever you like. Around 1-2 cups cooked

Cream of Corn soup

Adapted from BonAppetit. 9 ears of corn: cut the kernels off 3 ears; grate the kernels off 6 ears. Break corn cobs in half, and place them in a large pot with 2 c. milk, 1 c. cream and bring it to gentle boil. Saute 1 chopped onion, 1 grated carrot, grated corn in 2T

Lasagne with Tomato and Cheese

An Italian classic. Recipe Basic tomato sauce, or any variation, one batch Cook the sauce. Pasta, sheets or lasagne strips, dried or fresh, 1 pound or so You don’t need to boil the pasta; as long as your sauce is liquid enough, it will cook in the oven. A large baking dish, oven-safe casserole, or

Stuffed Peppers

A medium baking dish, oven-safe casserole, or baking tray Pre-heat your oven to medium (350 degrees) Bell Peppers, 4-6 medium (typically one per serving). Cut off the top of each pepper and scoop out the seeds. Stand the peppers in the baking dish. If necessary, cut off a protruding bit of the bottom to encourage


Onions are an amazing ingredient, equally capable of being spicy, savory, or sweet; I use them in more dishes than any other ingredient. I generally cook with large yellow Spanish onions, at least in part because I find it easier to chop one large onion than three small ones. Purple onions are particularly sweet even

Mexican Sautéd Vegetables

Spicy sauteed vegetables. Recipe Yellow onion, one medium or large Bell peppers, two or three, Portobello mushroom, two or three, Cut the onion, peppers, and mushrooms into long strips, or put them through the Cuisinart slicer disc. Garlic, from half to a complete head Crush and peel the garlic, and cut each clove into two